Utilizing proven expertise and experience, our talented valuation specialists not only update the values for all of your listed properties but identify and update your list with proper addresses, GPS/GIS tracking and elevations. We identify properties that need to be removed from your schedule as well as identify properties that need to be added to your property list.

Local Government Insurance Valuation

They do quality, professional work and deliver it within the time frame agreed upon. We have no hesitation in recommending them for any public entity work.
— Local Government Insurance Pool, Nashville TN

We are a company with one primary focus - to produce high quality consistently accurate valuation reports for our clients. H&L offers expertise in this field and can unequivocably state that each of our clients receive the full attention of our staff in order to establish and maintain a long term working relationship.

Our goals for working with a local government entity client are as follows:

  • To always clearly communicate project status
  • Provide cost effective value analysis reports
  • Provide quick and easy access to valuation reports and support data
  • Act professionally and as an extension or representative of the client
  • Provide rapid responses to questions and updates
  • Provide consistent reporting from the first to last assignment
  • Provide personable, friendly, and experienced staff

Additional Services

Loss Control Reports Our firm provides reporting on overall property conditions including: suspected hazardous materials, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, safety issues, environmental concerns, tree hazards, drainage issues, propane/gas storage, etc. This report can be integrated into the value analysis reports and includes digital photos of the areas in question.

Detailed Inventory Services Our firm provides detailed inventory listings on a per site basis. This differs from the contents valuation via modeling process.

Our Experience

Since 2001, Huber & Lamb has inspected and valued over $7 Billion in property specifically for insurance based clients.

Over 15,000 structures and facilities inspected. Property valuation experience includes:

  • Waste Water Treatment plants
  • Water Treatment plants
  • Water tanks
  • Sewer lift and water booster stations
  • Correction facilities
        - Jails and Prisons
  • School facilities
        - Individual schools to entire county school districts
  • Governmental buildings
        - City Halls
        - Historic to new county court houses
        - Office buildings
        - Civic centers
        - Convention centers
        - Parking garages
        - Senior citizens centers
        - Fire stations/Training facilities
  • Sports facilities
        - Stadiums
        - ball fields/lighting/fencing
        - Concessions/restroom facilities/pavilions
        - Pool facilities/water parks
        - Playgrounds
  • Utilities
        - Electrical substations
        - Breakers
        - Transformers
        - Traffic signals
        - Radio towers
  • Signage/statues/monuments
  • Improvements in the open
Contracted with Huber & Lamb since 2001....employees of the H&L team represent the TML Risk Management Pool in the field with our members in a professional and knowledgeable manner. We value our business relationship and appreciate the superb product that Huber & Lamb has consistently delivered.
— TML Risk Management Pool, Brentwoood, TN